Now we speak english!


Esports knows no barriers, and neither do Ween! We are launching the English version of our website for the whole English-speaking community, so they can enjoy both our tech and our competition.

The initial Ween aim was to become a referent of the national and Hispanic scene in terms of competition, but the globality of esports made us see that we need to reach out to the whole community, so everyone can enjoy what we are offering.

Starting today, all of Ween is available in English. And soon it will be also available in other languages, fulfilling the purpose of taking the competition wherever a gamer is.

The language selection system is pretty simple. If it is the first time you enter Ween, the website will automatically load your browser's language. If you are already a registered member (thanks!), you can select your preferred language by clicking on your profile, then in Language, and then selecting from the offers.

All of the teams at Ween, from competition to marketing and even tech and development, work hard day by day to bring you the best esports experience and with the intention to position ourselves globally in 2021 as a major competition provider.

Thanks for your support, we will own 2021 together!